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Spanish is climbing up the world’s ladder. More and more people and companies are using this language for business and that is why one of the best investments is to learn Spanish. With our «Spanish for business» programme you will not only learn general Spanish, but we will concentrate on specific vocabulary for business Spanish.

– At SevillaEle we will prepare you for that important interview that you need to do and that makes you a bit nervous.

– We will help you prepare your presentations in Spanish so that you will be confident when the time comes.

– We will improve your general and everyday knowledge of Spanish so that you can get by naturally.

What you will find in our business programme

General Spanish

You will learn how general Spanish works. How to conjugate verbs, daily vocabulary, expressions, general culture, reading, writing .... and everything you need to master Spanish!

Role play

The best way to learn vocabulary and knowledge is to put it into practice in context. We will present you with different situations so that you can practice your knowledge and get the practice you need to improve your Spanish.

Challenges to speak out

We will introduce you to 10 different speaking challenges, including talking on the phone. This will allow you to share your speaking tasks with us and you will receive fully personalised feedback so that you know your strengths and where you need to improve.

Specific business vocabulary

Knows specific business vocabulary, expressions from the business world and the most commonly used verbs in this environment.

Personal feedback

At the end of each class, you will receive personalised feedback in which we will comment on your strengths, what aspects you need to improve and what exercises you can work on at home to reinforce this knowledge.

Access to workshops and mini-courses

When you sign up for the "business premium" programme you will have free access to our weekly conversation group and monthly workshops where you can practise your Spanish with other students. A perfect option to get extra access to Spanish in an extra way.

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Learn more about our workshopss

At SevillaELE we like to offer our students the best experience. That is why we have different workshops that will help you to improve your Spanish.

If you are interested in your company receiving Spanish language training, write to us and we will discuss the different possibilities. We will be happy to help you.