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Aquí comienza tu viaje para vivir el español

At SevillaELE we understand how difficult it is to learn a new language and the frustration you feel when you cannot communicate with other Spanish speakers the way you would like in Spanish. It is totally normal for you to feel that, as you are communicating in another language that is not your own.

Clases SevillaEle

Clases SevillaEle

Do you feel identified with any of the following situations?

I don't speak Spanish

I don't speak any Spanish and I feel like I don't have the confidence to do it

Poor vocabulary

I don't have enough vocabulary and that affects me when it comes to communicating and I feel frustrated and without confidence.​

Blocking me in conversations

I block myself when I have to talk to other people in Spanish or have a natural conversation.​

Lack of communication structures​

I do not know the structures necessary to maintain a natural conversation and with phrases that make sense.

Choose the experience that suits your needs by clicking on the image.​

Whether you live or are visiting Seville this is your best option. You can choose private lessons (up to two people) or in a small group (max. 8)

The best option if your schedule is not compatible with face-to-face classes, if you do not live in Seville but want to learn or improve your Spanish or simply what you want is to learn without stopping to travel and enjoy.

What can you expect from SevillaEle?​

Time flexibility. We adapt to your schedule. You just have to decide what is the best time for your classes and we will be there.
Live the Spanish with our personalized experiences where you will find, group excursions, private visits, accommodation...
Personalized material, activities and programs with high quality content that adapt to your needs and objectives.We also prepare you to get the DELE or the SIELE
For online classes we work with the Teams platform, it is free and allows us to have all the content and video classes concentrated in one place. Other platforms we work with with Zoom and Skype.

¡Hola! If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions, please write me an email and in 24/48hrs I will be happy to answer you.

Some of our experiences​

No aprendas el español, vívelo con SevillaELE