Online classes

What do you have to do to get started with your online classes today?​

Book your class​

Choose the day and time that best suits your schedule. Although we are flexible, we advise deciding on a schedule that allows us to create a work routine. Thanks to this, our brain will function much better by being prepared for the learning that it has that day.

Objectives and needs

Decide what you want to learn and what your goals and needs are. Don't worry if you don't know what they are, we will help you.

Internet connection

Don't forget that you need a good internet connection. You can do your class anywhere (your home, the kitchen, the garden, a cafeteria, the office...), but remember that the connection must be good so that it does not interrupt the learning experience.

Choose your pack

We have different services and packs that adapt to your needs and objectives. Choose the one that best suits you and make the payment.

Meet our Spanish everywhere program​​

A group program designed to work on grammar, conversation and vocabulary that will prepare you for your day to day. Join whenever you want and pass the 10 rounds of learning that will make your Spanish progress in a fluid and fun way.​