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Spanish classes for everyone

Hola, ¿qué tal estás?

We would like to welcome you to SevillaELE, a space where you can learn Spanish from anywhere in the world.

We offer a variety of services that allow us to adapt to the objectives that our students want to achieve. We know that each person is different and has specific needs, questions and goals to achieve, which is why our classes are totally personalized and adapted for each student.

We like to create dynamic, fun and creative classes within a relaxed atmosphere and creating a special connection between teacher and student. Without that connection, learning would not be so meaningful.

Cristina Ramos CEO SevillaEle

"Cristina is the best! She is so knowledgeable, engaging, fun, and kind. I am very grateful she was referred to me, as this has been a wonderful conversation class, and I feel much more at ease in Spanish. I would highly recommend any class or activity Cristina offers."

Adrienne Vivar​


The Sevillaele method

When you study a new language, you often feel a lot of fear and distrust when it comes to speaking in public, and sometimes we don’t have enough opportunities to put everything we’ve learned into practice. That is why in Sevilla Ele we focus on you to practice all areas of knowledge: grammar, vocabulary, spelling, reading, writing, audio and of course conversation. The latter is the most important for us. Our classes are very participatory, creating current and real conversations that will help you in your daily life.

We believe in a methodology focused on the student as the protagonist of their own learning and we, the teachers, are the guides that will help the student during his trip.

Before starting with our students, we decided to have a first session (trial class) which not only helps us to get to know each other in person, it also helps us to easily identify the needs and objectives of our students to create a specific programming for each of them.

We offer techniques and structures that will help you improve your Spanish and that you can use in your daily routine, at work, in the gym…or wherever you want!

Why do our students choose SevillaEle?​

Qualified teachers

Certified and experienced teachers​

Time flexibility

Choose the day and time that best suits your calendar and we organize our class

High motivation​

Learning aimed at achieving your needs and goals through very dynamic activities


We accompany you throughout the process of your learning. Do not be afraid, you will not be alone!

What does SevillaEle offer you?​

Online classes​

Great if you do not live in Seville, if your schedule does not adapt to face-to-face classes or if you prefer a much more flexible way that allows you to travel and learn from anywhere in the world.

Face-to-face classes​

Whether you live in Seville or are visiting these classes are the best option if you want to learn Spanish in a more personalized way.

Spanish everywhere

Our most innovative service. Learn Spanish through our 10 laps circuit. Join classes whenever and wherever you want. Flexible method. Level lessons that will help you to develop in your day to day.

What our customers say​

"Cristina is a terrific teacher. Her conversation classes are engaging, challenging, and always fun.She is able to recognize what aspects of learning need the most attention whether that be specific grammatical issues or just general confidence in speaking. Through her classes, I get a sense of real improvement and would recommend her to anyone."
Quinlan Vivar
"Cristina es muy buena profesora, muy divertida y te ayuda mucho. Ella enseña todos los niveles. Para mi estoy en A2 y ella fue muy paciente conmigo. Yo recomiendo mucho. ¡Gracias por todo Cristina!"
Toluwa Oyeleye
"Cristina is a highly professional Spanish teacher who makes language learning really fun. The best thing in her class was the different games we played a lot. For me, that was the easiest way to learn Spanish. Cristina is passionate about her job and I can see she really puts a lot of energy and effort into it. She is supportive and good at explaining things that everybody can understand. She is innovative and her classes were very well organized. I would definitely recommend learning Spanish with her!!!"
Janita Ojala
" If you are looking for a teacher with skills of the highest quality, infinite patience, and a love of teaching, Cristina is for you. I have had classes in both grammar and conversation and all have been productive and enjoyable. The most outstanding aspects of Cristina are her professionalism, commitment to her students’ needs, and her supportive and compassionate nature. You will be in excellent hands with Cristina, and I recommend her without reservation. "
Debra Barnett

¡Hola! If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions, please write me an email and in 24/48hrs I will be happy to answer you.